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Home » 20 September 2023: Join our next webinar on Building the European Health Data Space (EHDS)!

20 September 2023: Join our next webinar on Building the European Health Data Space (EHDS)!

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Event: ‘Building the European Health Data Space: Leveraging EEHRxF for Secondary Data use in the EHDS’
Date: Wednesday 20 September 2023
Time: 15:00 – 16:00 CEST

This webinar will be hosted by XpanDH – Expanding Digital Health through a pan-European EHRxF-based ecosystem.

Under the landmark European Health Data Space Regulation, a common EU framework will allow the use of health data across the union for research, innovation, public health, policy-making, regulatory activities and personalised medicine – known as the second pillar of data use in the EHDS.  

However, while consensus exists regarding the primary use of patient health data, the secondary use of data has sparked considerable debate with the ENVI/LIBE Committee vote on the draft Regulation now postponed to September. Additionally, a key consideration to accessing and utilising data for secondary purposes is the application of a framework supporting the secure, interoperable, cross-border access to, and exchange, of electronic health data in the Union. 

This webinar aims to foster a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, benefits, alignment strategies, and supporting frameworks associated with collecting and utilizing health data for secondary purposes within the EHDS.

The objectives of this webinar are: 

  1. To explore the challenges and benefits of collecting data for secondary use. 
  1. To discuss how data use for the primary pillar (patient treatment) and the secondary pillar of the EHDS can be harmonised and aligned.  
  1. To highlight the role of the European Electronic Health Records exchange format (EEHRxF) in facilitating the secure, interoperable, cross-border access to, and exchange of electronic health data.

Our distinguished speakers include:

  1. Dr Andrzej Rys, Principal Scientific Advisor, DG Sante, European Commission
  2. Dr Niklas Blomberg, Director of ELIXIR
  3. Professor André Peralta Santos, Acting Deputy Director-General of Health in the Directorate-General for Health, Portugal.