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Webinar Recordings

The webinar recordings are proudly presented by the XpanDH project, dedicated to fostering a growing community of individuals and organizations involved in developing, experimenting, and adopting the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHxF). Our quarterly webinar series revolves around the theme of interoperability, aiming to provide valuable insights to a wide range of stakeholders. Each webinar showcases expert panelists, each contributing their unique perspectives and expertise to enrich the discussion.

You can access the recordings either on YouTube or simply press play below.

Tune into XpanDH’s webinar, “Unlocking the Potential: The European Health Data Space and the Digital Future of European Healthcare,” recorded on 16 November 2023.

On 28 June 2023, this webinar focused on addressing the gap between EEHRxF developments and patients, exploring benefits and challenges for stakeholders, with panellists emphasising patient empowerment and successful implementation strategies.
On 20 September 2023, this webinar explored the challenges and benefits of secondary data collection, harmonizing primary and secondary pillar data use in the EHDS.

This XpanDH-hosted webinar on 3rd May 2023 delved into the impact, benefits, challenges, and patient involvement concerning the adoption and implementation of the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF).