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What are X-Nets? 

X-Nets are networks of stakeholders within the European (Digital) Health space, connected by similar interests, fostering collaboration and utilizing the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF). Ten X-Nets have been established, each representing different sectors such as patient associations, healthcare providers, research organizations, and regulatory bodies. 

List of X-Nets: 

  • Patient Association
  • SDO’s & Industry Board
  • Hospitals-on-FHIR
  • Biomedical Research
  • Professionals Associations
  • Citizens and Society
  • Health Management & Regulators
  • Innovation Hubs
  • ERN and PerMed
  • Health Regional Authorities

Goals of X-Nets: 

The primary goal of X-Nets is to facilitate cross-border and cross-institutional implementation of EEHRxF in various healthcare domains. This is achieved by creating a collaborative environment where stakeholders from different sectors work together to implement EEHRxF, ensuring its adoption in clinical workflows, patient access, data reporting, and research collaborations. 

Benefits of X-Nets: 

Engaging with the X-Nets offers a multitude of advantages, among them knowledge exchange, problem-solving, collaborative expansion, improved collaboration, visibility and reputation and creating opportunities.  

Knowledge Exchange: Members share insights and learn from each other’s experiences, deepening their understanding of EEHRxF. 

Problem-Solving: X-Nets provide a platform to find solutions to challenges faced in EEHRxF implementation. 

Collaborative Expansion: EEHRxF applications are expanded to new domains through collective efforts. 

Improved Collaboration: A better understanding of each other’s needs enhances collaboration within the digital health ecosystem. 

Visibility and Reputation: Members showcase good practices, raising the profile and reputation of their organizations in digital health. 

Opportunity Creation: X-Nets creates avenues for further collaboration, including partnerships and project proposals, fostering continuous innovation and progress in digital healthcare. 

An example of a well-established X-Net is the Citizens and Civil Society X-Net, a community central to XpanDH. This network is committed to empowering individuals in the digital health transformation. Within this community, civil society and individuals actively contribute to shaping the future of digital healthcare. Citizens and Civil Society X-Net is more than just a network – it’s a platform to learn, be heard, and actively shape a digitally empowered, healthier future where well-being stands at the forefront. 

Benefits of engaging with XpanDH/EEHRxF: 

Being part of Citizens and Civil Society X-Net unlocks health data knowledge tailored to individual needs. It provides EEHRxF literacy, enabling active engagement with health data, understanding its benefits, and monitoring well-being with ease. XpanDH offers opportunities to influence healthcare formats, making the voice of civil society integral to the process. Seamless health data sharing enhances treatment effectiveness and direct communication with healthcare professionals.  

Engagement Levels with XpanDH: How we will engage with citizens 

Engaging with XpanDH helps you to be informed effortlessly. Engagement will be upheld using authentic messages through social media, webinars, and compelling narratives. This will help you to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of health data sharing. 

Opinions of the civil society matter. Your participation in surveys and interviews and providing structured feedback will shape the future of healthcare formats. 

Being involved as a part of the decision-making process by joining workshops, webinars, and debates will ensure perspectives of citizens are considered before final decisions are made. 

Through active engagement, contributing opinions and expertise, you co-design and shape the rules and regulations of healthcare formats alongside others.