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Call for XpanDH Advisory Board

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1        Introduction

XpanDH – ‘Expanding Digital Health through a pan-European EHRxF-based Ecosystem’ is a project that aims to mature and accelerate a sustainable and scalable interoperability environment for digital health innovations based on the EEHRxF, around 5 Goals:

  1. To develop robust technical specifications and resources for the EEHRxF building;
  2. To establish the X-Bundle Readiness model;
  3. To verify the usefulness of the X-Bundle in real-world with a set of early adopters grouped under selected adoption domains;
  4. To mature a pan-European digital health ecosystem of solution providers and end-users,
  5. To develop a framework for sustainable ecosystem (X-Nets).

The project is subdivided on 7 Work Packages (WPs) that’s ensure the smooth EEHRxF adoption by the proposed adoption domains. The XpanDH WPs are identified below:

  • WP1 – Coordination
    • T1.1 – Administrative and operational management
    • T1.2 – Quality Assurance, Risk management and Contingency
    • T1.3 – Project evaluation and Impact Assessment
    • T1.4 – Definition of EEHRxF adoption domains
    • T1.5 – Legal, Ethical, Cyber Security Issues
    • T1.6 – Policy Dialogue
  • WP2 – Standards & Technical artefacts
    • T2.1 – X-Bundle technical specs based on HL7 FHIR REST API for EHRxF
    • T2.2 – Creation of an only resource to harbour X-Bundle assets, success stories, and online EEHRxF co-creation and support communities
    • T2.3 – Technical requirements for quality labelling of consumer health products and EHR systems
  • WP3 – Organisational Readiness
    • T3.1 – Define the X-Bundle Readiness model
    • T3.2 – Develop the readiness model evaluation process feedback loop
    • T3.3 – X-Bundle Readiness steppingstone guides and capacitation
  • WP4 – Feasibility & Experimentation
    • T4.1 – Preparing the experimentation bubbles
    • T4.2 – EHRxF-based infrastructure (X-Bundle) feasibility demonstration
    • T4.3 – Integrate lessons learnt from feasibility and experimentation
  • WP5 – Growing Digital Health ecosystems
    • T5.1 – Expanding the networks around XpanDH adoption domains and beyond
    • T5.2 – Sharing drivers and benefits of interoperability
    • T5.3 – Setting up a community of doers and co-creators
  • WP6 – Sustainability and Future Action
    • T6.1 – Promoting and sustaining the XpanDH Asset Bundles
    • T6.2 – EEHRxF new adoption domains: consumer use cases for remote visit, telehealth, and telemonitoring
    • T6.3 – Recommendations to Member States and the European Commission
  • WP7 – Dissemination and Outreach
    • T7.1 – Communication and Dissemination
    • T7.2 – Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement
    • T7.3 – Concertation Activities

1.1        Advisory board scope 

The Advisory board is an external structured and collaborative group that aims to support the leadership board with subjects related to the technical/scientific expertise regarding the domains discussed on the project, such as adoption domains, interoperability, networks, planning and testing scenarios. 

The advisory board is strategically constituted by representatives from international organisations with deep experience on the domains referred above and has interest and experience on the EEHRxF. The role of this group within XpanDH is to support, with high-quality advice to the coordination/direction of the project, provide, when required, operational guidance and follow up the project development and effectiveness of their actions towards the proposed goals. 

1.2      Objectives

This call aims to inform and compose the external advisory board of the XpanDH project in order to provide additional expertise to the project activities.

1.3      Benefits to be an advisory member

By the participation on the Advisory Board, you will support the development of the EEHRxF assets and applications, and ensure directly that the project fits their proposal in line with the different stakeholders.

2      Application

2.1      Application profile

The members of the External Advisory Board will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Expertise and experience on the related project areas
  • Representation of different kinds of stakeholders, such as: Data users, health public authorities, citizens (patients), associations (patients, professionals), organisations, healthcare providers, etc.
  • All the selected members shall declare conflicts of interest as well a non-disclosure agreement. The candidates affiliated on any project partner are not eligible.

To participate, please send an email to

2.2    Participation entails

After the selection process is complete, the external advisory board will meet by online means.

During the project lifetime the external advisory board members will be invited to support the development of the project, such as review key deliverables, give feedback on specific questions, etc. The external advisory board member can discuss about some specific thematic, depending on its complexity in order to provide write feedback. The WPs and coordination shall reach out the Advisory Board at least once a year during the project duration.

2.3    Application procedures

The candidates shall provide the following information:

  • Full name
  • Organisation
  • Email
  • WP/Task of interest to support
  • Description of their interest on the project and on the specific WPs related with their expertise
  • Resume

All candidates will be revised by the project coordinator and the Leadership council to verify their eligibility. All data and documentation will be checked to ensure their application, also verifying their experience on the related areas of the project.

The candidates eligible will be selected by the XpanDH Steering Council considering the distribution of the different types of expertise and organisations.

2.4   Timeline

  • Deadline for submission of applications: 9 June 2023
  • Notification of results: 26 June 2023 (approx.)
  • External Advisory Board Kick-off meeting: June 2023 (approx.)
  • End of the project: December 2024

2.5    Contacts

For all questions about the External Advisory Board and the project can be done by contacting the following email:

Website and social media: