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First XpanDH Webinar is available on YouTube

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European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format EEHRxF, what it is and why it Matters

We are pleased to share that our first webinar on 3 May 2023 titled ‘European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format EEHRxF, what it is and why it Matters’ successfully addressed crucial aspects of the European electronic health record exchange format (EEHRxF). With over 100 panellists, we were pleased to see a diverse range of viewpoints and questions that challenges our speakers! 

Renowned experts from various organizations shared their views of the impact of EEHRxF on healthcare delivery, its benefits for patients, healthcare providers, and the healthcare system, the challenges in its implementation and adoption, and the role of patients in utilizing and owning their health records. Here is a summary of the key insights and discussions from the event.  

Anderson Carmo from ISCTE skilfully guided the conversation, ensuring a comprehensive exploration of the topics at hand. 

Our panellist included:  

  1. Kyriacos Hatzaras – European Commission – Programme Officer, EU Policies – DG CNECT 
  1. Marcello Melgara – eHealth Projects Programme Manager, ARIA SpA / eHMSEG Semantic Task Force – Semantic WG 
  1. Catherine Chronaki – Secretary General, HL7 Europe and Vice President for IMIA at European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) 

The impact of EEHRxF on Healthcare Delivery:  

The panelists discussed the influence of EEHRxF on healthcare delivery since the launch of the European Commission proposal. They examined the advancements made and the challenges encountered during its implementation. The adoption of EEHRxF has significantly improved the interoperability of health records across European countries, allowing for better coordination of care and enhanced patient outcomes. 


The digital transformation of health and care is focused on ensuring citizens’ secure access to their health data, even across borders, enabling them to retrieve their health information throughout the European Union. As part of Europe’s Digital Decade goals for 2030, one of the targets is to ensure that 100% of citizens have access to their medical records electronically said Kyriacos Hatzaras, emphasizing the importance of e-health advancements in improving healthcare accessibility and patient empowerment. 

Benefits of EEHRxF:  

The webinar highlighted the key benefits of EEHRxF for patients, healthcare providers, and the healthcare system as a whole. Patients now have access to their comprehensive health records, enabling them to actively participate in their own care decisions. Healthcare providers can make more informed decisions based on complete patient information, leading to more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.  

Challenges in Implementation and Adoption:  

In this thought-provoking webinar, the focus was on the crucial role of patients in the healthcare system. While acknowledging the limited level of implementations, the discussions emphasized the need to be prepared for patients’ increasing awareness of their rights. Patient safety was emphasized as a priority. It was also highlighted that healthcare provision should be separate from consumer wellness. The webinar stressed the importance of developing standards and specifications for required services, co-creating them with practicing health professionals, and ensuring clinical usability while maintaining necessary flexibility. 

A time of change: Looking forward  

Catherine Chronaki described a time of change as we welcome the data economy. Digital technologies offer a promising solution for healthcare systems to sustain costs and support, growing demand. The integration of mobile applications for patients and healthcare providers allows for seamless communication and interaction. Additionally, the combination of patient-generated data with medical notes enables a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s health status. By harnessing data analytics, healthcare systems can shape personalized care pathways, ensuring tailored and efficient treatments. Moreover, the availability of just-in-time access to health services, whether in-person or online, further enhances the accessibility and convenience of healthcare provision. 

Overall, the webinar provided valuable insights into the impact, benefits, challenges, and patient empowerment aspects of EEHRxF. The discussions reinforced the need for continued collaboration, technological advancements, and policy support to further expand digital health through a pan-European EEHRxF-based ecosystem. You can watch the full recording here: ISCTE CVTT – European Electronic Health Record exchange Format EEHRxF, what it is and why it matters 

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