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Home » XpanDH Advances European Healthcare Data Exchange at IHE Connectathon in Rennes

XpanDH Advances European Healthcare Data Exchange at IHE Connectathon in Rennes

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The XpanDH project recently conducted a high-impact workshop on the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF) at the historic Couvent des Jacobins in Rennes, France. This interactive session brought together more than 20 enthusiastic participants from various backgrounds, including healthcare professionals, regulators, and experts from around the world. They shared a common goal: to harmonize and promote the widespread adoption of EEHRxF, with the aim of transforming healthcare data exchange across Europe. 

Key Workshop Highlights: 

The XpanDH Workshop had a central focus on raising awareness about EEHRxF and its pivotal role in the future of healthcare data exchange. The event began with an informative presentation that provided an overview of the XpanDH project and its various work packages (WPs): 

– WP1, presented by Anderson Carmo 

– WP3, presented by Sofia Franconi 

– WP5 X-Nets, presented by Anja Hirche 

– Community of Doers, presented by Alexander Berler.  

Following the presentation, an interactive Mentimeter session engaged participants, allowing them to gauge their current knowledge of EEHRxF and express their areas of future involvement. 

One of the key highlights was when Anderson Carmo, the project manager for XpanDH, addressed an audience of approximately 50 vendors from European and international companies. This presentation took place on the Connectathon floor, where these vendors were conducting tests. Carmo’s presentation aimed to draw their attention to the new developments and possibilities that EEHRxF is set to offer soon for their solutions. 

The workshop at Rennes was a crucial step toward advancing the implementation of EEHRxF and increasing collaboration among stakeholders. It reaffirmed XpanDH’s commitment to facilitating seamless and efficient healthcare data exchange across Europe, improving patient care, and supporting innovation in the healthcare industry. 

With enthusiastic participation from various stakeholders and an ongoing commitment to harmonizing EEHRxF, XpanDH and its collaborators are taking significant strides toward transforming healthcare data exchange in Europe. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey.