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Home » 16 – 19th of January 2024: XpanDH has officially made waves at Athens Digital Health Week

16 – 19th of January 2024: XpanDH has officially made waves at Athens Digital Health Week

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XpanDH participated in the Athens Digital Health Week 2024 (ADHW), hosted by HL7 Hellas and co-organized by IDIKA S.A. and the National eHealth Authority (NeHA) of Cyprus from the 16 – 19th of January 2024!

ADHW is renowned as a premier networking event for digital health innovators in Europe, attracting professionals and organizations dedicated to advancing healthcare through digital solutions.

XpanDH’s mission is to empower individuals and organizations in creating, adapting, and exploring the use of digital health solutions. The project focuses on promoting the adoption of the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF), facilitating seamless communication between various digital health tools.

As part of its participation in ADHW, XpanDH organized numerous workshops in Athens, offering a platform for stakeholders to engage in discussions, share insights, and explore collaborations in the realm of digital health.

Calendar of events

16 – 17 January 2024

To synchronize efforts and streamline plans, XpanDH participated in the X-Bundle Retreat during Athens Digital Health Week 2024. Hosted by xShare on January 14th and by XpanDH on January 17th the retreat aimed to align the current status and future strategies across XpanDH and xShare regarding the development and publication of X-Bundles for selected business use cases and health information domains. The agenda included introductions, understanding the X-Bundle concept, building the official X-Bundle website, and assessing the current status of XpanDH and xShare, among other key topics.

16 January 2024

Workshop: Thoughts on the readiness models: What are the reasons to align/benefit from the format and its prospects for xShare
In the framework of the conference, the KETEKNY S.A.—the implementing body of the XpanDH project in Greece as the representative of the Greek Ministry of Health—as well as the other bodies from Greece participating in this project (IDIKA S.A.* and GNOMON Informatics S.A.), had the honour to organize this session.

This session intended to present the project to the Greek public, to be carried out by the KETEKNY S.A. to perform some “proofs of concepts” relevant to the Greek context and to describe by IDIKA S.A. and GNOMON Informatics S.A. their participation in the project, and to explain how the Greek digital health ecosystem can participate in this initiative via the XpanDH community of Doers, the X-Nets and other means.

The workshop’s main goal was to raise awareness regarding the EEHRxF and its further adoption, by the establishment of a national network to support the EEHRxF co-creation process in collaboration with the European Commission.

17 January 2024

XpanDH Readiness Model Workshop

The workshop aimed to foster collaboration and understanding of the XpanDH Readiness Model, with a particular focus on its application within the context of the xShare project. Facilitated by IHE representatives, participants delved into the model’s structure, key components, and relevance to upcoming initiatives. The session offered an interactive platform for attendees to actively engage with and provide feedback on the XpanDH Readiness Model, gaining practical insights into the adoption of the European Electronic Health Record Exchange Format (EEHRxF). Perspectives from the European Commission, users, and vendors were shared, highlighting the alignment and benefits of the Exchange Format and the XpanDH Readiness Model.

X-Bundle Retreat: Workshop II

Chaired by Robert Stegwee, Chair of CEN/TC251, this workshop focused on fostering collaboration between the xShare and XpanDH projects. The workshop specifically addressed the development of X-Bundles, which are targeted aggregations of interoperability assets designed to facilitate the connection of health systems based on EHRxF specifications. This collaborative effort aimed to enhance interoperability and streamline the exchange of health information between different systems, contributing to the broader goals of both projects.

xShare Launch Event in collaboration with Xt-EHR, XpanDH: A yellow button to get your data in the European EHR Exchange Format, 17:30 – 19:00, Attica Hall

A highlight of XpanDH’s presence at ADHW was the joint launch event of the xShare project on Wednesday 17 January 2024, at 17:30 EET. The xShare initiative is a significant milestone in the project, aligning with XpanDH’s broader goal of demonstrating the feasibility of real-world experiments with early adopters of EEHRxF.

18 January: XpanDH Community of Doers and Co-Creators Session, 16:00 – 19:00, Abbey Hall

The scope of that workshop was to bring together implementers and end-users of new and existing solutions: IT developers and vendors/suppliers on one hand; patients and healthcare professionals on the other, under the concept of the 3C-3P community (Co-creation Community of Patients, Professionals, and Programmers). That workshop launched the process of co-creation of ideas and solutions that adopted the EEHRxF in their implementation.

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